A Guide to Buying the Best Fat Freezing Machine


With the demand for non-invasive aesthetic procedures continuing to rise, fat freezing and body contouring devices have never been more popular. If you’re looking to capitalise on this market and add a fat freezing machine to your business, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the companies claiming they have the best equipment for your business.

We know firsthand that choosing the right equipment for your business can be daunting. These machines are not cheap, and you want to feel confident that you’ve made the right choice and are working with the best company. That’s why we’ve prepared this guide to help you make sure you consider all the aspects involved before choosing the right fat freezing machine for your business.

1. Is the Fat Freezing Machine Safe?

The safety of your customers is your number one priority. Not only do you want to provide them with the best experience, but an unsafe machine could cause harm to your clients, leading to potential lawsuits and damaging your reputation. You should also ensure that you and your staff are correctly trained to use the machine and deliver treatments.

The fat freezing machine should be approved for use in Australia by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration). The TGA is responsible for approving machines that are reliable and safe, meaning there is no chance of malfunction or potential injuries. With a lot of cheap and untrustworthy machines on the market, it is always smart to do your research first and ensure the device you are investing in meets the required safety standards. Obtaining a TGA approval can be a long and expensive process, therefore if your fat freezing machine is TGA approved, you can trust that it is a high quality device.

The Cryoskin machine is TGA approved and 100% safe. The FloAesthetics team also provides full training, however the machine is very easy to use so there is not a lot of training involved.

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2. Is the Fat Freezing Machine Effective?

How effective your fat freezing machine is can mean the difference between your clients coming back or leaving a negative review which could damage your business. Does the machine do what it promises to do? Does it have a range of different features or can it only be used for fat freezing? It can often be hard to discern the difference between good and bad quality. But don’t take the equipment’s promised results at face value. It’s a good idea to do some research and find evidence before making your purchase. We recommend sourcing some genuine before and after photos of results and customer reviews online. This is important because if you’re promising your customers that they will achieve certain results, you need to be able to follow through on that promise.

You also want to make sure that your body contouring device is delivering the kind of results that your customers are after. For example, if they’re looking for convenience and speed, then Cryoskin is the perfect service for them, as sessions take approximately half an hour and require no downtime, allowing busy mums to pop in on their lunch break and then head straight back to work. It’s also important to take a look at your competitors. How will your fat freezing machine compare to others on the market? Does it have a unique selling point?

The Cryoskin machine has 3 different settings – CryoSlimming, CryoToning and the Cryo Facial. So not only does it freeze away fat, but it is able to tone and tighten targeted areas, as well as offer facial rejuvenation. Cryoskin is unique as it doesn’t use suction cups like many other body sculpting machines (which can be painful), but instead uses a manual handpiece that generates a special heating and cooling technique that is exclusive to Cryoskin. This technique is responsible for aiding in the production of collagen and delivering unparalleled fat loss results.

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3. Does the Fat Freezing Machine Cause Pain?

Client comfort is extremely important. We’ve all heard that ridiculous saying, ‘beauty is pain’. But when it comes to Cryoskin, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The Cryoskin treatment has been described by customers as comfortable, relaxing, painless and similar to receiving a massage. There are many fat removal devices on the market that can cause pain and discomfort to customers. Many of these use a suction-style technique to freeze fat cells, which can be painful and result in uneven fat loss. The Cryoskin handpiece takes away this risk by delivering a gentle and pleasant experience, with targeted fat loss results. If your fat freezing machine delivers a painful and uncomfortable experience, your customers are unlikely to come back for further treatments or recommend your service to others.

4. What will your ROI be?

One of the most obvious yet most overlooked factors to consider is the return on investment of the equipment you are purchasing. Rather than just looking at the purchase price of your fat freezing machine, you also need to calculate how much revenue you will make back from your investment, and how quickly.

We have an easy tool for helping you calculate your ROI. This takes into consideration how much you will charge per session and the number of expected treatments per week. As the Cryoskin treatments are so quick, this means you’ll be able to perform more sessions per week and increase your earnings.

A fat freezing machine can add great value to your business, but you need to ensure you are aware of all the costs involved. This not only includes cost of purchase and expected earnings but installation, maintenance, staff expenses, treatment room and other equipment required e.g. treatment bed. You also need to factor in running costs and consumables. Did you know some companies will actually charge you for using your own device? We ensure your running costs are as low as possible (around $3 per session) and want to help you make as much revenue as possible, not take money away from you!

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5. What is the Company’s Support and Customer Service Like?

Are you dealing with a reputable Australian company that is easy to contact and happy to provide support? Many distributors and manufacturers are not upfront about their products, hiding information about their running costs and efficiency. Often, they just want to make a sale and then it’s up to you to figure it out the rest. You need to be confident that the company you’re purchasing from is one that is reliable, trustworthy and one that you can work with in the long run.

FloAesthetics is more than just a distributor trying to make a quick sale. They believe in transparency and actually use the Cryoskin machine daily at their personal clinic, giving them extensive knowledge and experience with the equipment. They are also passionate about seeing you succeed and grow your business. They provide support and advice and are with you every step of the way.

Are you ready to purchase the best fat freezing machine?

When it comes to a purchasing a fat freezing machine, there is certainly a lot to weigh up. We hope this guide has helped you to feel confident in purchasing the best cryolipolysis equipment for your business. If you’re ready to revolutionise your business with Cryoskin, get your free info pack here.