Beauty Clinic Design Ideas

How to Make the Most of your Beauty or Wellness Space

The look of your beauty salon, clinic or spa is an integral part of the client experience and helps to build your business’ brand. The aesthetic appeal of your clinic plays a huge role in attracting your clients and ensuring they have a positive experience. So, we’ve put together a few beauty clinic design ideas you should take into consideration when designing and decorating your own beauty or wellness space.

The Reception Area

Having a well-organised and comfortable reception area is incredibly important because this is the first impression that your clients get when they walk through the door. If you are a bigger, busier business, this is also where your customers will spend some time waiting for their appointment, so it needs to be a comfortable and relaxing area for them.

Depending on your space, you should consider the following elements in your reception or waiting area:

  • Greet clients with a warm welcome. If your business is big enough for a receptionist, they can greet the clients and let them know how long the wait will be. If you or a receptionist are not available to meet the clients, you can put up a sign to let them know a session is in progress and you will return shortly
  • A water dispenser is a simple small touch to include and can make all the difference on a hot day
  • Include a selection of current magazines relevant to your customers
  • If you can, including a phone charging station is also a great touch to make customers feel more comfortable while they are waiting
  • Include a display that shows your latest promos and specials that you are running, as well as a QR code for your customers to follow you on social media
  • Keep your area neat and tidy and use a wall shelf to display your retail products. This needs to be accessible to customers as there’s no point having products for sale if they aren’t in plain sight for your customers to see and browse
  • It’s not just about the visuals – does your clinic smell good too? Keep a scented candle or diffuser in your reception area to keep your customers feeling relaxed. It’s small touches like this that will really add to the ambiance


Having a nice waiting area can make all the difference, however you don’t want to keep your customers waiting here too long. It’s important to be realistic about your schedule and appointment times, and let your customers know in advance if you will be running late.


beauty clinic design

Beauty Clinic Design Reception Area on Pinterest

Choose a Theme for Your Beauty Clinic

Creating a consistent theme in your beauty or wellness space will add to your overall aesthetic look and brand and help to keep everything looking neat and professional. Some popular themes include:

Nature Theme

Not only does keeping plants in your work area having a number of benefits such as relieving stress and boosting productivity, they also add to the aesthetic appeal of your beauty clinic or spa. If you can, incorporating natural sunlight is also another great way to make use of nature to help your customers feel more comfortable and relaxed. No one wants to feel like they are boxed in a tiny all- white asylum-like clinic with no fresh air. Keep things fresh with nature and try adding some green furniture to match as well.

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Beauty Clinic Design Nature Theme on Pinterest

Neutral/Nude Theme

Using neutral tones such as beiges, whites, tans and light pink is a great way to keep your spa or clinic looking fresh, modern and clean and very on trend at the moment. Most spas and beauty clinics are also opting to use neutral colours as part of their branding, so this is an easy way to stay on brand and create a beautiful timeless space. Of course, keep in mind who your target audience is. If your business caters to a lot of men, you don’t want your space to look too feminine and not inviting to all genders.

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Beauty Clinic Design Neutral Theme on Pinterest

Colour Pop Theme

Get creative by adding some colour to your beauty or wellness clinic. If you want to stand out and create a more fun, energetic vibe as part of your brand then adding some pops of colour to your clinic can liven up your space. Think coloured furniture, matching wall art or fun décor. Having a colourful feature area will really catch the eye of your customers, which moves us on to our next point.

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Beauty Clinic Design Colourful Theme on Pinterest

Make Your Space Insta-Worthy

It’s time to bring your social media strategy into the store. How? Include something in your design plan that your customers will want to take photos of or with. Let’s face it, we all love a good selfie. Use this to your advantage and incorporate an area where people can take selfies, either after their treatments or while they are waiting. A good example of this is a flower feature wall that your customers won’t be able to resist snapping a selfie in front of.

Alternatively, set up an area for your customers to pose in front of and offer to take a photo of them, encouraging them to tag you in the photo online or use a branded hashtag. Another idea that many salons and clinics are incorporating is wall quotes. Having an inspiring quote that your customers can identify with will make them want to take a photo and share it online with their followers. Making this quote a neon sign is also a great way to stand out.

We all love sharing our experiences online, especially if we’ve been somewhere luxurious and want to boast this to our friends. We recommend spending some time to brainstorm some unique elements that you can include in your spa or clinic design that will encourage your customers to promote your business for free.

Don’t forget to also take photos of your customers while they are getting a treatment done or use before and afters (with their permission of course).


Beauty Clinic Design Neon Sign on Pinterest

When decorating your salon, spa or clinic, be sure to have a plan, stick to your budget and get creative! Remember, it should not only look good but add to your client experience too.

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