Cryoskin just got better!

Introducing the Cryoskin Révolution.

Cryoskin Révolution has two models to choose from. The standard model and the full model with static heads. A great thing about the Révolution is that it's modular. Meaning you can start with the standard model and add on the static head model at a later time if required. This is the new and improved Cryoskin model, designed and manufactured in France.

The Cryoskin Révolution with static heads has two cooling components, one for the dynamic head and one for the static heads. Now you can perform a CryoSlimming session with the static heads while performing a CryoFaceLift or CryoToning session at the same time!

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This Révolution model does the three treatments that the standard Révolution does but also includes four static cryo heads to operate hands-free CryoSlimming treatments on large body areas. Simply place the cryo heads on the treatment area and secure them with the provided bands. The machine takes care of the rest! Treatments are about 30 minutes and there is no suction or risk of skin damage.

Cryoskin Révolution is compact and easy to operate. There are 14 preset programs with duration and temperature tailored for the specific body area for men and women. The 3 treatments (CryoSlimming, CryoToning and CryoFacial) are operated manually with the same handpiece using different techniques and settings. The new and improved sleek design, is more advanced than ever before providing better results and easier on the operator to use.


Manual CryoSlimming treatments operated with the handpiece use temperatures as low as -8°C. There is no risk of skin burn even though the temperature is negative because of the dynamic massage performed. The efficiency of the treatment results from the very low temperature range used and the type of massage performed (slow movement creating a skin fold).

Static CryoSlimming treatments operated with the hands-free cryo heads use positive temperatures from +2°C to +4°C, which avoids any risk of skin burn while allowing the treatment to remain comfortable. The efficiency of the hands-free treatment results from the fact that the cryo heads are static, and hence the cold penetrates deeply as the heads are not moved during treatment.

Did you know? The death of the fat cells occurs when they reach a temperature lower than +4°C, so it is not always necessary to use negative temperatures to get good results! Both techniques, handpiece and hands-free, give the same results when it comes to inch loss (up to 4 inches in 5 sessions).

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