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We Sell Top Quality Cryotherapy Equipment in Australia

Our cryotherapy equipment in Australia offers painless, non-suction cryo slimming, toning, and facial treatments, whereas suction machines work on limited areas and leave dents in the body. Talk to us.

When You Buy Cryotherapy Equipment, Consider This

We distribute and use Cryoskin at our Cryotherapy and Recovery Centre on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. We are so impressed with this excellent French-designed and manufactured cryotherapy equipment that we have become the exclusive distributor in the South Pacific, New Zealand, and Australia.

  • Make your clients happy. Offer them quick body-changing results with the latest technology while increasing your income. We provide training at your location when you acquire a Cryoskin Révolution machine. Your instruction is included in the exceedingly competitive price when you buy cryotherapy equipment.
  • Our cryolipolysis machine offers three types of service. It is a non-invasive, localised fat freezing instrument that reduces stubborn fat formations on the back, thighs, arms, hips, and stomach. It cools and destroys fat cells, which the body removes via the normal elimination process.
  • It tones and tightens the skin to decrease the appearance of cellulite and enhances the firmness and elasticity of the neck and face for a rejuvenated look and feel.

We do not just sell cryotherapy equipment. We provide transparent, frank, top-quality service to help you grow your business, achieve your goals, and thrive. Our company and the Cryoskin brand will be successful if you are.

What You Should Know About Our Cryotherapy Equipment

The compact Cryoskin Révolution is easy to operate. It contains 14 pre-set programs to tailor the required temperature and duration for specific male and female body parts.

  • You use the same advanced, sleek, manually operated handpiece - with different settings and techniques - for the CryoSlimming, CryoToning and CryoFacial treatments.
  • Choose between the standard model and the comprehensive model with static heads. You can buy standard cryotherapy equipment and augment it with the full model at a later stage as the Révolution is modular.
  • Both versions perform the three different treatments, but the comprehensive model incorporates four static cryo heads for hands-free slimming treatments on larger body areas. Use the provided bands to secure the cryo heads onto the treatment area, and the machine will go to work.
  • The full apparatus comprises two cooling systems, one each for the dynamic and static heads, meaning that you can perform two sessions on different parts of the body simultaneously and escalate your income.

There is no possibility of skin damage as the 30-minute treatment does not entail suction. Discover the difference between manual and static cryo slimming treatments.

About FloAesthetics

We have in-depth knowledge of this Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approved product. We stand behind it because we see the results these revolutionary and superior skin-tightening and fat-freezing machines achieve daily. Trust us to advise you honestly and comprehensively if you want to become the first to provide this service in your area.

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