Gold Coast Fat Freezing

In the Gold Coast, Fat Freezing is The Way to Go

As a beauty practitioner in the Gold Coast, fat freezing is an innovative treatment you need to add to your repertoire. FloAesthetics provides you with friendly service when you decide to invest in fat freezing equipment to give your clients something extra when they visit your business.

Benefits of Our Fat Freezing Equipment in the Gold Coast

Offering your clients treatments where they can lie down and relax while shedding extra body fat in a tranquil setting will most certainly put your business on the map. There are many benefits you can reap from purchasing our fat freezing equipment.

  • Anyone can use our CryoSlimming equipment; you don't require any medical training. Our highly qualified team will answer all your queries and assist with training regarding the machines. You will be able to start treating your clients almost immediately.
  • Unlike liposuction, the treatment is non-surgical and will not leave any suction dents in your clients’ body. Your client will spend 30 minutes per treatment without experiencing any pain or discomfort. They can fit in their appointment during their lunch break and return to work without anyone knowing they have just gotten rid of some fat cells.
  • With the positive results your clients are almost guaranteed to receive, you can ensure that they leave your business with full customer satisfaction. Word of mouth is essential, and with satisfied customers, you are sure to receive more calls from people wanting the treatment.

What You Can Expect from Us Regarding Fat Freezing in The Gold Coast

With our knowledge and experience in the business, we will provide you with excellent customer service.

  • All our machines are thoroughly tested and designed with the latest technology allowing you ease of use.
  • We are highly focused on our client and offer our equipment at lower rates because everyone deserves to show off their beautifully sculptured body. Even though we are the sole distributor of CryoSkin equipment in the Gold Coast, we price our machines competitively.
  • Our knowledgeable employees can answer all your questions about CryoSkin machines, and we are proud to say that we have done extensive research on the devices. We have even visited the CryoSkin facility in France, where we source the products to ensure we supply our clients with top-quality equipment.

Why Trust FloAesthetics Regarding Fat Freezing Machines in The Gold Coast

We take pride in our business and the fat freezing machines that we sell, and to ensure that you use the equipment to its full potential, we provide full training to our clients when they purchase from us. We are the leading provider of innovative, non-invasive, natural beauty and wellness equipment that is safe to use. We make sure that all our employees are fully trained and informed about all our equipment. Because we are dedicated to customer satisfaction, our employees can assist you with any queries.

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