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One Machine – Three Services Types


Lose those unwanted areas with a simple pain free method. New technology for fat freezing.


Tighten and tone skin and reduce the appearance of Cellulite.


Look and feel refreshed. Improve the elasticity and firmness on the face and neck.

Fat Freezing in Australia

Why Fat Freezing in Australia Is Catching on Fast

Fat freezing in Australia is a cosmetic treatment that’s growing in popularity as more and more individuals discover its perks. This non-invasive treatment can help destroy fat cells in targeted areas of the body. The body then eliminates these “dead” fat cells naturally and safely. FloAesthetics supplies fat freezing machines to businesses throughout Australia.

Benefits of Fat Freezing Machines in Australia

One of the most obvious benefits of fat freezing is reducing unwanted body fat. However, there are also several other advantages to this treatment, such as:

  • Targeted fat reduction. We all store fat in different areas, and they are not always the areas that we might choose! Unfortunately, you cannot spot-reduce this fat through diet and exercise. Cryotherapy offers a way to remove fat cells from a specific trouble spot, such as your chin or thighs.
  • Lower cost than surgery. While surgery to reduce fat is a way to spot-reduce and sculpt the body, it comes at a much higher price. Between anaesthesia, operating room fees, pain medications, and the time that you’ll lose from work while you recover, surgery costs far more than fat freezing, even over multiple sessions.
  • No scarring. Another benefit of non-surgical fat freezing treatments is that they won’t cause scarring on your skin. Any incision will leave a scar, and scars are permanent. Cryotherapy does not require any incision, and it will not leave a scar or any marks (other than some temporary redness immediately following your treatment).

Fun Facts About Fat Freezing

Whether you have had cryotherapy before or are just learning about it for the first time, here are some interesting facts about this modern therapy that you may not know:

  • Fat freezing originated in Japan in 1978. Cryotherapy is not a brand-new treatment: a Japanese rheumatologist developed the idea of whole-body cryotherapy to treat conditions related to the muscles and joints, such as arthritis and fibromyalgia.
  • It may help to improve the texture and condition of the skin. Cryotherapy is not just used for fat reduction—it can also be a skin rejuvenation and anti-ageing treatment. That’s because just a few sessions may help to increase collagen production, leading to an overall improvement in the condition and appearance of the skin.
  • It may also help to improve blood circulation. Proper blood flow is essential in delivering nutrients and oxygen to the organs and tissues throughout the body. Cryotherapy may help to boost blood circulation, resulting in a state of heightened overall well-being.

About FloAesthetics

At FloAesthetics, we are proud to offer you the opportunity to provide fat freezing treatments in your own clinic. We sell top-of-the-line fat freezing equipment that uses the latest technology to help your clients potentially achieve faster and more noticeable results. We also include training at your location with your machine and provide full after-purchase care.

Feel free to contact us today for more information and advice on choosing between our fat freezing machines.

Cryolipolysis Machine Australia

Everything You Should Know About a Cryolipolysis Machine in Australia

FloAesthetics provides friendly and supportive services with their beauty equipment, including their cryolipolysis machine in Australia.

Benefits of Using a Cryolipolysis Machine

Cryolipolysis offers a range of benefits. Here is what you should know about this treatment:

  • Often referred to as fat freezing. Cryolipolysis is a non-surgical option that reduces fat deposits. The non-invasive treatment is great for all who want to shed some extra body fat in certain parts of the body.
  • The treatment is not painful, this is a big relief for those who want the results but may be afraid of the procedure. It is a quick treatment, perfect for those on the go.
  • You can also use our machine for CryoToning, which firms the skin around different areas of the body. The CryoFaceLift tightens the skin on the face and promotes collagen production. All these treatments are affordable and offer lasting results.

Cryolipolysis uses modern technology to help those who want to lose body fat without the need for surgery.

What You Can Expect from FloAesthetics Regarding a Cryoslimming Machine

We provide our customers with all the necessary tools when they buy their Cryolipolysis machine.

  • We are completely regulated, and we thoroughly tested our machines. All our equipment uses the latest technology at our cryotherapy and recovery centre, FloCryo in Queensland.
  • We provide all our clients with the necessary training for them to operate machines and provide cryolipolysis treatments. You do not need a medical degree of any form or certification to operate our equipment. Clients are happy to advertise the quick results from this treatment. The results speak for themselves and encourage patients to return.
  • We offer the best possible price for our clients. We believe we are the best and offer our equipment at lower rates because everyone deserves to look and feel their best. We are a high customer focused business that prides itself on developing and maintaining valuable relationships with all our clients. We are here for you from the start and are available throughout your journey of bringing happiness to your own customers.

About FloAesthetics

We started noticing the need for well maintained and safe beauty treatments that had the results to back up claims. Our founder, James, reached out to Cryoskin Paris to find out more about this new and innovative treatment. After the initial treatment, he brought Cryoskin to Australia and New Zealand. We believe in the equipment we sell and have witnessed the results for ourselves, this propels our determination in seeing more people benefit from this fantastic technology. We are passionate about what we do and have a deep understanding of what it takes to purchase equipment for your business. We want the process to be as stress-free and smooth as possible.

We are here to advise and assist you from the start. We hope to inspire you, knowing you can provide this fantastic treatment to Australians.

Please feel free to contact us at any time. We are here to help in any way we can.

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