Melbourne Fat Freezing

Why Your Clinic in Melbourne Should Offer a Fat Freezing Service

You can satisfy your clients’ demands in Melbourne with a fat-freezing device from our reputable company. As the sole distributor of the CryoSkin machine in Australian, we provide exceptional customer service and the latest technology for cryolipolysis. Our stylish, safe and easy to use device delivers three different services in one. Your clients are sure to see visible results after one session while you can readily increase your revenue with this non-invasive treatment.

Benefits of Our Fat Freezing Machines in Melbourne

There are numerous benefits to investing in our fat freezing equipment for your business.

  • The CryoSkin offers three services in one device: You can cater to a wide range of clients and their needs with the CryoSkin Revolution machine. This device offers Cryoslimming for clients who want to lose fat in any unwanted areas such as their stomach and thighs. It can also assist with toning your client’s body and reduce the appearance of cellulite. The CryoFacial setting may also help to improve elasticity and firmness on the face and neck.
  • Each treatment is quick and convenient: Each treatment takes approximately 30 minutes, so you can schedule numerous clients each day to increase your revenue. There is also minimal preparation before each treatment and no recovery for your client afterwards, which can help increase the demand for this service.
  • Positive results ensure patient satisfaction: Offering your clients a service using the latest technology and where they can see results, ensures customer satisfaction and loyalty to your business. This benefit can also help to bring in new clients through positive reviews.

What You Can Expect from Us Regarding Fat Freezing in Melbourne

We provide excellent customer service and will support you in enriching your business.

  • Competitive prices: Regardless of our status as the sole distributor of CryoSkin technology in Melbourne, we offer competitively priced products to every client.
  • Training: Our highly knowledgeable team will adeptly answer all your questions regarding our fat freezing machine. We ensure that you can confidently operate the device and get the most value out of the equipment so you can give your clients a quality service.
  • Quality product: You can purchase a fat freezing machine to suit your requirements as the CyroSkin Revolution is available the standard and the full model. However, you can later adapt the standard model to the maximum with the addition of the static head.

Why Trust FloAesthetics Regarding Fat Freezing Equipment in Melbourne?

We provide exceptional customer service and high-quality products. Our team have extensive knowledge about our fat freezing equipment and stand by the products that we distribute, even using this device in our cryotherapy and recovery centre. We use open and honest communication with our customers and provide training of equipment upon request. As the exclusive distributor of the Cryoskin machine in Australia, we make it easy for you to add this service to your business.

Contact us order your fat freezing machine or to find out more information.

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