Fat Freezing Sydney

Discover What Fat Freezing in Sydney Can Do for You

If you have researched methods of removing small areas of body fat, then you may have heard of fat freezing in Sydney, also known as cryotherapy. Fat freezing treatments target the body’s fat cells in a specific area, freezing them and causing a kind of cell death (apoptosis). The body processes these dying cells and eliminates them through the liver. Because fat cells are more sensitive to temperature than skin cells, this treatment leaves the local skin undamaged.

Using a fat freezing machine in Sydney is a non-invasive treatment that can target small, localised areas of unwanted fat in a way that diet and exercise can’t. If you would like to learn more about what fat freezing can do for your clients, FloAesthetics can help.

Benefits of Sydney Fat Freezing

Fat freezing is suitable for many different areas of the body, including the arms, back, abdomen, thighs, and chin. Here are some of the benefits of this cosmetic therapy:

  • It’s non-invasive. Fat freezing equipment in Sydney is a non-invasive way to reduce body fat. These machines have applicators in different sizes for use on specific parts of the body. A trained aesthetician will place the applicator on the treatment area. The applicator will release cool energy that destroys the fat cells under the skin. There are no incisions and no downtime.

  • It’s fast. Each cryotherapy treatment takes 60 minutes at maximum for one area. Clients may even be able to complete their treatment on a lunch break and go right back to work. If they would like to treat more than one area, it may take longer to see results. It can also take longer to achieve the results that clients want on a larger area, such as the back.

  • There is no downtime. Surgical fat removal requires an extensive recovery period—typically weeks. In comparison, fat freezing is an outpatient process. Individuals who choose this treatment can return to work the same day or the next day at the latest. One session takes an hour or less, and most participants see their final results just a few months after their last session.

What You Can Expect from FloAesthetics Regarding Cryotherapy Equipment in Sydney

FloAesthetics is proud to offer high-quality Sydney cryotherapy equipment. We are more than just a distributor; we also use our machines every day at our Cryotherapy and Recovery Centre in Queensland. Here are some of the things that you can expect when you choose us:

  • The latest technology. CryoSkin is TGA-approved and incorporates the latest technology in the industry to deliver pain-free treatment and superior results. We stay on top of the latest research and knowledge to ensure that we can offer the most modern systems available to help our clients achieve optimal results.

  • Training included. When you purchase a CryoSkin machine from us, you will have peace of mind knowing that we include training and provide it at your location. You and your staff will be fully trained and confident in their ability to operate your new fat freezing equipment.

  • Fast results. Our Sydney fat freezing machine allows you to offer your clients a faster way to make improvements in the appearance of their bodies. Using cutting-edge technology, CryoSkin provides efficient results, which may mean fewer sessions for your clients before they achieve results.

  • Competitive pricing. We want to make our fat freezing machines accessible to as many companies as possible. That’s why we proudly offer competitive prices to all our clients.

About FloAesthetics

FloAesthetics sells CryoSkin machines to businesses throughout Australia. Our equipment offers a non-surgical approach to fat reduction and does not require medical training for safe operation. We offer a higher-quality machine than the competition to help ensure that our clients’ businesses succeed. We provide on-site training and full after-purchase care to meet all your needs in operating our machines and offering cryotherapy treatments to your clients.

If you are ready to buy a fat freezing machine and offer this service to your clients, contact us. We can help you choose between our Full and Standard models so that you can invest in the machine that best suits your needs and the needs of your clients.

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