Why Choose FloAesthetics?

FloAesthetics isn’t just another distributor, they actually use their products daily.

Before starting FloAesthetics, James Bermingham and his parter Elouise were, and still are, running a successful cryotherapy and recovery centre, FloCryo, located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. James saw a need for a dedicated beauty treatment within FloCryo and through his extensive research reached out to Cryoskin Paris, the home of Cryoskin. After months of communicating between the two parties it was time to fly to Paris to meet in person and experience Cryoskin first hand. James and Ellie left Paris knowing that they had made the right decision in choosing Cryoskin and knew that not only FloCryo but the rest of Australia and New Zealand will benefit greatly from adding Cryoskin to their business'. This is how FloAesthetics came to fruition.

James knows what its like purchasing equipment for your business. After all, he has several different services that require different types of equipment at FloCryo. Some equipment they purchased out right, others they had to get finance for. They learnt a lot during the process in terms of finance and insurance requirements but the main thing they learnt was that not everything some distributors or manufactures told them about the equipment they were purchasing was entirely true in terms of running costs, which effected their business plan greatly.

This didn’t sit right with them and I’m sure you wouldn’t want the same thing to happen with you.

James and Elouise are upfront, transparent and will tell you how it is. They are actually using Cryoskin daily at FloCryo and have an extensive knowledge of the equipment they sell, unlike other machine distributors who simply sell equipment and are telling you information that they received off the manufacturer. They see the results first hand and can honestly stand behind them.

They have the same approach to selling equipment as they do for their clients that come into FloCryo for a session. They want to provide the best service and care that gets you beyond your desired results plus more. No talking around tricky questions or giving you false information. They are very transparent and have the intention to help grow your business not just sell you equipment. After all, if you succeed, they succeed and the brand grows. We are in this together.

FloAesthetics is the exclusive distributor for Cryoskin within Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

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